After work…

Good morning Year 4!


Here is a Monday writing challenge for you all!

Read the starter linked to the picture below, complete the story with your own imaginative ideas. I can’t wait to read them!

Good luck!

Mrs P x


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After work, Batman always called in at his favourite café in Gotham City. We all have different ways of relaxing; a game of sport, watching television, going for a bike-ride…Batman’s was enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee whilst reading the newspaper.

Batman looked forward to having an evening off, however evenings off didn’t always tend be that relaxing.

Ring ring…Ring ring…Ring ring…There was a call from the phone behind the counter…

Homework: Pobble task due in 14.6.18

Around the world

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If you complete part of this homework challenge on the blog, please do explain this in your blue topic homework book so I know where to find it!

Story starter!

After all the months of preparation and building excitement the big day had finally arrived. In unison, the balloons all took off into the air, leaving the cheering crowd far below, gasping at the magnificent spectacle.

A difficult journey lay ahead, and surely not all of the balloons would make it, but they had to try – the prize of £1’000’000 for the first crew to make it around the world was a great incentive…

Sentence challenge!

Can you write a sentence that uses two adjectives before a noun? Can you use a comma to separate the adjectives (because they are in a list)?

e.g. The beautiful, red balloon glided through the sky.

Question time!

How many balloons do you think are taking part in the race?

What do the crews have to do to win the race?

What does the winner receive?

What obstacles might they encounter along the way?

How many of the crews will make it around the world?

How do you think the crews would prepare for such a journey?

What are the most dangerous things that they might encounter?

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

It was a cloudy day. The balloon went up into the sky. They crew were scared. The crew were excited. Lots of people were cheering them on.

Perfect picture!

Imagine you are a crew member for one of the balloons. Can you draw everything you would take with you on the journey?

Year 4! Good luck,

From Mrs P x

Parent Mail 8.6.18

Hi all,

For the meantime, while call parents is not working, please do find the parent mail accessible on our class blog. We have been enjoying writing the parent email as whole class and reading it together. Please do leave comments as you wish and we will all try and reply next week.


Thank you,

Mrs P 🙂

Write your own RIC questions …

Related image


Can you create your own RIC questions for your friends to answer?

Remember what each letter in RIC stands for…

Retrieval – A question where the answers can be taken straight from the text/ picture.

Interpret – A question where the answer needs unlocking by the clues from the text/ image.

Choice – A question about the author’s choice.


Good luck year 4!


Mrs P xx

When dreams come reality….

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Story starter!

As he climbed into bed that night, the boy gazed sleepily at the words on the back of the clock… ‘When dreams become reality…’

When he awoke, he gazed around in confusion. Surely it was just a dream, wasn’t it?

Can you continue this story the boy and his dream that became reality?

Sentence challenge!

Can you include 3 questions that the boy asks?

Can you use inverted commas to show that he is speaking?

Can you use a more exciting word for ‘said’?

e.g. “Can this be real?” Tom whispered to himself anxiously.

Question time!

Where did the clock come from?

How do you think the boy is feeling?

What has happened to him?

How has he arrived in this strange place?

If you could turn back time and do something differently, would you? What would it be? Why would you do differently?

Should we think about events that have passed or should we look to the future instead?

Have you ever had a dream that has felt real?


Good luck.

Mrs P xx


RIC Questions

R –

Where does the girl live?
What hour is it?
What should she never do?
Who directed the film?
What is the name of the movie?
What colour eyes does the figure have?

I –

In what capital city is the trailer set?
What time do you think the witching hour is?
How does the girl react to the character?
How does she feel? How do you know?
Do you think that the figure poses a danger to the girl?
Use evidence from the clip to support your answer.

C –

Why do you think the director has chosen the narrator to be the girl?
What effect does this have on the reader?
Why do you think the narrator says ‘ never’ three times and does so with three sentences? Why does she not elaborate?
Why does the director not reveal the characters completely? Does this make the situation more or less scary? Why?

Tuesday Morning Pobble Challenge – Jurassic

Story starter!

The engine screamed as the wheels spun round. His heart pounded. Tim knew that he only had seconds to act.

There was a long, moss-covered log wedged underneath the jeep, preventing it from moving. The wheels continued to spin pointlessly, smoke starting to billow out from underneath the bonnet.

A terrifying roar filled his ears, and he knew the monster was right behind him. He could feel the ground shake beneath him as its gigantic feet collided with the ground. He knew what would happen if it caught him, and muttered a prayer beneath his breath.

Tim suddenly found himself lunging forward. He realised that the wheels must finally have found some traction, and he breathed out with relief as he sped off onto the path once again; the wheels of the jeep content to be chewing up the firm gravel once again.

The chase was back on, and the T-Rex let out another blood-chilling roar, determined not to let its prey escape…

Question time!

How do you think Tim is feeling?

What has caused the jeep to stop moving?

Why is he all alone and being chased by a dinosaur?

Are there other dinosaurs or people close by?

How will Tim manage to escape?

If you could bring back the dinosaurs, would you?

Might it be possible to bring them back one day?