26 thoughts on “Orca – For and against captivity

  1. It is bad for orcas to be brought to captivity because 1:they need to see the family (pod) 2:it take wildlife from the sea for example:you rob a bank and steal dime, you rob the ocean and STEAL WILDLIFE! so in my eyes it isn’t goodnAT ALL!

  2. Bad things abou Orcas is that:

    .Orcas are kept away from there real homes in the sea

    .Orcas are kept away from there family

    .Orcas will normally be kept in captivity until they die

    The good things about Orcas is:

    .People get to sea Orcas up close

    .People get to all there colours

  3. Orcas in captivity can be separated from their pod and family that means it is bad which means it’s food is lower and will not eat enough in one day.

  4. An apex predator(Orca) in captivity is like placed in a sea park. I think it is bad to keep an Orca in prison because you are taking them away from their parents,children and most importantly their pods.

  5. For

    -Orcas should be kept in captivity so that people can see them. 👀
    -It is also a good thing because they can not get hurt. 🤕


    -It is not good to keep orcas in captivity since they are set apart from their pod.😞
    -It’s also not good because otherwise they do not have enough space and they die and become extinct. 😮

  6. It is good for Orcas to be in captivity because others that don’t get to go to the sea can see it at the zoo.It is bad for Orcas to be in captivity because they get separated from their pods.

  7. Bad things about orcas is

    Kept away from their home and pod

    Orcas kept in tank to die

    Caught in nets to the tank

    Good things about orcas is

    To see them and learn about them

  8. Captivity:
    Being imprisoned or confined
    Synonyms for captivity –
    imprisonment, confinement, internment, incarceration, custody, restraint, constraint

    Orcas are being held captive – For or Against

    For Against
    For because we wouldn’t be While that may be true,I am only
    able to see Orcas otherwise. Against for we are tampering with

    What do you think?

  9. I think they shouldn’t keep them in captivity because they get taken from their home. Although they love to interact they have family like us. Keeping them in captivity makes them feel lonely. Captivity means they are in prisoned

  10. I think it’s a good and bad for people around the world like to see them and study so they can learn more and more however the bad thing is that the orcas cannot see their family and could suffer in the nets

    I know that captivity is harmful since the waters could be polluted (which is a chance) or there are some creatures that are bigger and stronger (against a calf).

    Captivity means to imprison somebody or be confined .

  11. Orcas,that are held captive in aquariums, usually die more quicker.
    Most of their coral fins are collapsing and it’s never a good sign.
    It is bad since they give birth and the baby dies.
    It is good since you can see them once.
    It is bad since they have less space and can barely move around

  12. The good thing is that the get to swim in the aquarium.
    The bad thing is that they leave their pod.
    The good thing is they get people to watch them swim around.
    The bad thing is they don’t always get to have visitors.

  13. Bad
    129 of these orcas are now dead

    166 orcas have died from being in captivity,not including 30 miscarried or still-born calves

    SeaWorld has 20 Orcas in three parks in the USA and 49 have died from it

  14. It’s bad because they are separated from their pod and that means loneliness for orcas it’s also good because people that are learning about orcas they can go visit a sea life park and sea them swim around doing cool tricks with humans.

  15. Captivity is when an animal has being taken out of the sea and being put in a tank.

    I think it is bad because they should not leave their pod.

  16. Captivity means:
    committal and incarceration.😍
    Orcas may need captivity so they can’t get hurt and not bump on something.☹
    It is not good,without captivity orcas might get hurt.☹
    It is good when their is captivity because orcas breathe well with captivity😍
    It is so interesting because orcas stay in a pod. Make sure orcas stay in pod because their family doesn’t want their orcas getting lost.
    By Sofia A💖

  17. The best captivity for the orcas is that they breathe,protect them selves,never bump,don’t get hurt and stay in a pod so they stay in a group to not get lost. Against: It’s not good when there is no captivity. ☹ Without captivity the orcas will die and never be seen again.☹
    For: It’s good when there is no captivity.😍 With captivity the captivity the orcas wouldn’t die and be seen again.😍

  18. It is bad for Orcas to be in captivity because they get fed dead fish.In captivity they only live up to 9 years but in the wild they can live up to 90 years.

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