Write your own RIC questions …

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Can you create your own RIC questions for your friends to answer?

Remember what each letter in RIC stands for…

Retrieval – A question where the answers can be taken straight from the text/ picture.

Interpret – A question where the answer needs unlocking by the clues from the text/ image.

Choice – A question about the author’s choice.


Good luck year 4!


Mrs P xx

48 thoughts on “Write your own RIC questions …

  1. R) what kind of book is this?
    I) What is Alfred the Great giving to the viking?
    C) What is Alfred the Great wearing on his head?

  2. Who is Alfred the Great? Does the story look interesting? How do you think this story starts? Which one is Alfred the Great? Who do you think is the King? Is this story fiction or non-fiction? Is this a library book or not and how do you know

    • 1-A king
      2-yes the story looks interesting
      3-I think I starts on a quest
      4-Alfred is the one with the crown

  3. Here are my RIC questions for my friend:

    R – What can you see on the front cover?
    I – Why is the man leaning forward?
    C – How has the illustrator made the front cover look like it is in the past?

    Good luck!
    From Mrs P x

  4. Here is mine:

    R- What colour is the cape?
    I- Who published the book?
    C- What is the king giving the man?

    By Niamh Wilson

  5. R-How many men are there?
    I-Why is the man wearing a crown?
    C-Why has the illustrator made the cover look old?

    P.S. The retrieval is quite hard…

  6. R)What is Alfred the Great giving to the viking?
    I)what kind of book is this?
    C)What is Alfred the Great wearing?

    Good luck

    Don’t do the other ric I did.

  7. My R.I.C question for my freinds
    R:what is the book called?

    I:what has the king got in his hand?
    C:what are the men doing?

  8. R) what is the man on the right holding ?
    I) What is the make of this book?
    C) How is the illustrations been set in the past ?

    Hope you enjoy!
    By Lexi

  9. A-why is one of them holding a fever ?
    B-with one do you think is the king?
    C-what cons of book is it?

    Good luck
    from Ophelia xxx

  10. R-what type of book is it

    I-what shape is the blue persons helmet shape

    C-what coulor has the author used to make it old fashioned

  11. My questions are:
    1) What is the name of the company who published this book?
    2) Why is the man signing something?
    3) Why has the author written “an adventure from history “ on the front cover.

  12. My ric questions
    R-What is the man holding.
    I-Is the book non fiction or fiction.
    C-How has the illustrated made the book look old.

  13. My R.I.C for my friends.

    R- What is the book’s name?

    Who is the author?

    What are they doing?

    Is this fiction or nonfiction?

    I- What are they talking about?

    What are they writing?

    How are they feeling?

    What is in the horn?

    C-Why has he wrote “A Ladybird Book.”

    Why has he made this book?

    How would you spend your life if you were Alfred?

    Why are they wearing different helmets?

  14. Here is my RIC buddies!!!

    R- where are the pieces of parchment?

    I- why is the man holding the quill?

    C- why has the illustrator chosen to feature two people on the cover?

    Best of luck on completing them!

  15. What is the name of this company published the book ?
    Who wrote this book?
    Why has the author written an adventure story

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