Pobble task…

· How do you think the fish came to be where it is?

· How long had the fish been there?

· How do Jessica and her daughter travel to the mainland?

· Where do you think they get their shopping from?

· What do you think will happen next in the story?

· Is this an enormous fish or just a tiny house?

Can you add commas into the following paragraph?

The enormous scaly creature waited underneath the clear blue water keeping a beady eye out for anything moving on the surface. Carefully Jessica and her daughter climbed into a rowing boat and began to paddle towards to shore.


Homework reminder

Last night reminder for homework this week yer 4!


Here are your Maths and Grammar pages that need to be completed for tomorrow morning.

You still have until Thursday to practice the spellings for our test on Thursday morning.

Pobble writing task is due in after half term so please take your time to complete some quality writing.


Good luck,

Mrs P x

Author visit: Tom Palmer

Today we were lucky enough to have yet another author visit. This afternoon, we met Tom Palmer who has written many books inspirered by football, running, adventures and even more recently, fell running.


We completed a really exciting quiz using questions and answers based on newspapers and magazines. There was a really significant reason for this top news quiz since all Tom Palmers ideas and inspiration comes from recent stories.

When writing about new places in the world, Tom told us that he always visits that place but also reads about that particular place in the news, magazines and across a range of non fiction books.


It even ended up with a penalty shoot out with Miss Kelly finding herself in goal! Well done to Michael who won!


Author visit: Amy Wilson

We were lucky enough to have children’s author Amy Wilson visit us this afternoon. She spoke about her childhood, inspiration, her personal life and her books.

Amy’s work is inspired by adventure and magic. Please take some time to watch and enjoy the video of our visitor produced by our top blogger, Joshua Holt.